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Healthcare: The Future, looks at how evidence-based integrative medicine is shaping a whole person approach to good health.

There is so much we don’t know about conventional, and alternative healthcare, that is derived from nature. 

Many pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic versions of medicinal plants, and many therapies are made purely from plants.

Even in the 21st century the World Health Organization (WHO) endorses plants as treatments for serious conditions, and include 43 traditional medicine products in their national essential medicines list. 

These plants, herbs, and spices are used to treat a wide range of diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, sickle cell disease and tropical diseases like malaria.

Doctors, and complementary healthcare professionals give their valuable insights into treating chronic illness and autoimmune disease using many different integrative treatments.

Broadcast begins on 31st August and ends on 02 September 2022.

Hosted in Zanzibar, East Africa. 

The patient is at the centre of all healthcare and deserves the best treatment.

Integrative, whole person, optimum healthcare

Five medical doctors provide insight into why they prefer an integrative approach. 

  • A person’s health can be improved immensely by simple changes in the diet
  • Sick children can do well with natural interventions and good nursing
  • There is a superhighway between the gut and the brain and poor gut health can result in poor mental health
  • How do medical ethics affect an integrative approach, and what is it like for GPs and patients embracing a whole person approach?

Wednesday, 31st August 2022

  It's rare to find so many forward thinking health experts in one place. 

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No two people are the same which is why we need diversity in healthcare

Sally Beck - Health journalist and conference organiser



Medicinal plants used in Africa

Thursday, 1st September 2022

Around 80% of healthcare in Africa is traditional alternative medicine (TAM), is endorsed by the World Health Organization, and access to it enshrined in Tanzanian law. Today’s speakers:

  • Tell how they treat AIDS/HIV patients 
  • Discuss the power of plants as drugs
  • Show how they find medicinal plants in the wild
  • Look at how African plant medicine is developing and talk about healing the soil so that our food contains the essential nutrients we need.

Child, teen, and young adult mental health

Friday, 2nd September 2022

The last two years have been tough on young people, with an increase in mental health issues up to 80%

There is a way forward for our junior members of society and there are many tools that can help. 

Trauma informed therapists, doctors and researchers, discuss emotional, dietary, and lifestyle interventions, and their roles in treating anxiety and depression.

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Our Speakers


Whole person health 

Food on Prescription



31 August 2022

Dr Tess Lawrie (MBBCh, PhD), UK

Co-founder of the World Council for Health. Director of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy Ltd, and EbMCsquared, a community interest company. 

Dr Lawrie is committed to improving and promoting individual and collective health and well-being through research, collaboration, and education. 

She will discuss the need for an integrative approach to healing and facilitating a Better Way.

Dr Sarah Myhill (MB, BS) Wales, UK

Naturopathic physician, Clinical Director at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Award-winning author.

Dr Myhill began her journey into integrative health in 2000. A GP in a busy practise, she wanted to get to the root of her patients' problems, not just write them a prescription. She is passionate about helping patients taking control of their own health.

She will discuss why it is possible to treat most chronic illness, including chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and autoimmune disease, with a paleo-ketogenic diet, micronutrients, supplements, and detoxification.

Dr Sam White (MBChB, MRCGP) England, UK

Functional and integrative medicine practitioner. Member of the International Lyme & Associated Disease Society (ILADS). Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). Member of Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics. Board member of the newly created UK division of Children's Health Defence (CHD). Ambassador for the People's Health Alliance. 

Dr White formerly worked as a GP partner and realised that the conventional allopathic system has limitations when it comes to identifying the underlying causes of disease. He began his studies and practice in integrative medicine, to help him address this problem.

He will talk about why he has transitioned from a conventional path to functional and integrative medicine, will highlight case studies and describe what he has been able to achieve for his patients.

Dr Jayne Donegan (MBBS, DRCOG, DCH, DFFP, MRCGP, MFHom) England, UK

Homeopathic practitioner registered with the Homeopathic Medical Association and Homeopathy International. Naturopathic physician registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners. Qualified in medicine at St Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London. 

Dr Donegan trained in accident and emergency medicine, orthopaedics and trauma, paediatrics, neonatal intensive care, obstetrics and gynaecology, ear, nose, and throat (ENT), dermatology, and general medicine.

She will discuss how to treat childhood illnesses using a natural and integrative approach. And the emotional importance of good nursing when children are sick. Also, how to treat yourself if you fall ill during pregnancy or while nursing your baby.

Dr Aseem Malhotra (MBChB, MRCP, FRCP) National Health Service (NHS) Consultant Cardiologist. Medical Transparency Activist. England, UK

Honorary council member of the Metabolic Psychiatry Clinic at Stanford University School of Medicine. Visiting professor of evidence-based medicine at the Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health in Salvador, Brazil. Founding member and advisor to the charity and campaign group Action on Sugar. Regular commentator in British print media.

He will discuss why honest doctors cannot practice honest medicine, the root cause of healthcare system failure, and what solutions we need to fix it.


Traditional and alternative medicine used in Africa


01 September 2022



Jeremy Sherr Homeopath (FSHom) South Africa, Israel, Tanzania

Degree in acupuncture from the International College of Oriental Medicine. Degree in homeopathy from the College of Homeopathy, London. Founder of the Dynamis School for advanced homeopathic studies, the longest running post-graduate homeopathic course in the world. Co-founder Homeopathy for Health in Africa. Fellowship from the Society of Homeopaths. Ph.D in Medicina Alternativa from Pioneer University, Nairobi, Kenya. Member of the North American Society of Homeopaths. Member of the Israeli Society for Classical Homeopathy. Honorary professor at Yunan Medical College, Kunming, China. Associate Professor at University Candegabe for Homeopathy, Argentina. World Pioneer of Homoeopathy. Mr Sherr has taught in most British schools of homeopathy and has taught his Dynamis curriculum in England, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Canada, United States, India, South Africa, Japan and Australia.

Author of 10 homeopathic books, many of which are used as textbooks, and many published articles and research papers. He has proved 45 new homeopathic remedies. Author repertory of Mental Qualities. For 13 years he has been living and working in Tanzania with his wife and fellow homeopath Camilla. They treat AIDS patients for no charge and research remedies for AIDS. They established 19 clinics and a homeopathic centre and work with rural Maasai tribes. They have treated over 20,000 patients.

He will talk about providing effective and cost effective healthcare in low-income countries and about the treatments available for AIDS/HIV patients.


Peter von Maltitz (Traditional healer name – Zanemvula which means: He comes with rain) South Africa

Registered spiritual healer. Homeopath. Traditional healer. Igqirha.

Studied homeopathy with Dr Berkley Digby (osteopath, homeopath, acupuncturist) and Dr David Lilley (founded the first homeopathic course for medical doctors in South Africa and subsequently, the South African Faculty of Homeopathy).

He will discuss the spiritual side of healing and talk about medicinal plants and how they are the basis for many pharmaceutical drugs.


Saidi Matahabashy, (Traditional healer, Herbalist, Naturopath) Zanzibar

Saidi Matahabashy learned about healing with plants and herbs from his ancestors. He also studied modern medicine at the School of Health and Medical Sciences in Zanzibar. He now teaches doctors from all over the world about the benefits of medicinal plants, herbs, and spices.

He will take you on a tour of the government run forest in Zanzibar, describing the benefits of the plants, trees, and herbs there. He will also show the healing plants available in the average backyard.

Camilla Sherr, Homeopath (FSHom, PCH) Finland, Tanzania

Graduate from the Finnish Institute of Homeopathy. Dynamis course teacher. Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths. Co-founder of Homeopathy for Health in Africa.

Lectures in the UK, Israel, Honduras, USA, Malta, Norway, Denmark, and Bulgaria. Trained doctors in homeopathy in the poor barrios Honduras. Co-founder of Homeopathy for Health, Africa.

She will discuss how she is working in agriculture, looking at ways to recover the land from overuse of pesticides and fertilisers.



Child, teen, and young adult mental health


02 September 2022

Dr Zenobia Storah (MA Oxon, Dip Psych, DClinPsy, CPsychol), UK

Senior clinical psychologist child and adolescent. Clinical Lead for NHS Knowsley Neurodevelopmental Pathway in Liverpool. Runs a busy private practice. Expert witness for the Family and Civil courts. Member of the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART). Active member of their Mental Health, Social Care and Education division. Adviser to media outlets, journalists, lawyers, politicians and lobby groups on Covid-19 measures and their effects on children.

Dr Storah's specialisms include children and young people with neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism spectrum disorders and, ADHD, as well as those with learning difficulties. She has extensive experience working with trauma and adopted children and children in care. In her private practice she works with young adults presenting with anxiety disorders, depression, self-harm, and relational difficulties.

The global pandemic response has resulted in a mental health crisis for many children and young people. The measures have exacerbated existing mental health problems and have created new challenges for our young. Dr Zenobia Storah will describe the nature of the trauma they have experienced over the past two and a half years, and which they are still processing. She will lead a session reflecting on the post-pandemic context in which they are attempting to make their recovery and discuss how family, and the systems around children and local and national levels, can work together. The aim is to create a psychologically healthy society in which children can rebuild their lives and thrive.

Sarah Waters, (1st Class BA (Hons) Couns, Dip PC Couns, DDP Level 1&2) UK Psychotherapist. Front Facing Member of the Health Advisory Recovery Team (HART). Steering Group Member of Therapists for Medical Freedom. Registered with British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). UK

Sarah Waters is a psychotherapist experienced in working with the effects of abuse, neglect, and childhood trauma. She also specialises in Dyadic Developmental Practice, the family therapy and parenting model. She has written several papers about the adverse effects children and young people have experienced since 2020 and the lack of acknowledgement of this from the therapy and trauma informed community.

The pandemic measures over the past two years have affected billions of children worldwide. Rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide attempts, self-harm and low mood have all increased at a time when mental health services for the young are overstretched or non-existent. However, all is not lost. Sarah will discuss how vital it is that the adults and systems around the young recognise the damage that has been done so they can effectively support children in processing the trauma. Young people need authentic, courageous adult role models to help them develop their self-confidence and regain the psychological safety they need. Equally, they need encouragement to recognise the power of their own spiritual nature to equip them to thrive and flourish in our rapidly changing world.

Dr Jayne Donegan (MBBS, DRCOG, DCH, DFFP, MRCGP, MFHom) UK

Homeopathic practitioner registered with the Homeopathic Medical Association and Homeopathy International. Naturopathic physician registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners. Qualified in medicine at St Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London. 

Dr Donegan trained in accident and emergency medicine, orthopaedics and trauma, paediatrics, neonatal intensive care, obstetrics and gynaecology, ear, nose, and throat (ENT), dermatology, and general medicine.

She will discuss what diet and supplements can do to help restore the mental health of young people, including their effects on diagnoses like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.


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Sarah Duff (BA Hons Primary Education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), Foundation degrees in Teaching and Learning Support. BSc Psychology Accreditations), England, UK

arah Duff has over 20 years’ experience teaching and mentoring in education, including mainstream schools, Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) schools; Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) residential schools; Further Education and online tuition. Alongside her BA Hons with QTS in Primary Education and Child Development and Learning, Sarah has a foundation degree in Teaching and Learning Support, as well as BSC Psychology accreditations. Mother to two grown individuals and Outreach tutor.

She has many additional certifications that include yoga, meditation, counselling and mental health awareness, better play and nurture work. She has utilised many other intervention programmes such as the Alternative Learning System (ALS), Education, Learning and Skills (ELS), Every Child A Reader (ECAR), speech and language, physiotherapy, phonics, and White Rose Maths, that support and foster learning potential. Sarah has Emotional and Performance Coaching certifications and is an acclaimed Author. She is currently writing her third book, ‘The Onion: Stripping the Layers’.

Sarah is not a conventional teacher. Her lessons go against the grain of sitting at a desk with a sheet of white paper and a pencil. She finds that the best way to engage children is through experiential and practical learning with hands on activities. In short, she has found a way to reach the most closed down of children through inspiring activities and play. She also has a passion for an all-inclusive, free from dogma, educational curriculum. Her dream system includes a balanced input of cognitive and emotional learning.

She will discuss how to help young people rebuild trust in the systems and people around them. Suggest ways to help them feel safe again and suggest practical ways to help combat poor concentration, poor behaviour, raise their focus and learning standards.

Hugh McCarthy (MSc (with Distinction) in Education Financial Management, BSc (Hons) Chemistry,  BA in Public Administration) Northern Ireland

Hugh McCarthy is a retired Headteacher. He has almost 50 years experience in education of which 23 were in the role of Headteacher. He lectured in a postgraduate leadership course at the University of Ulster; served as a director on two of Northern Ireland’s major education councils and currently serves as a ministerial appointment on one. He is a member of Pandata, the organisation analysing the costs of the pandemic response, and Collateral Global. He has been speaking out against destructive pandemic policies pursued by governments via presentations and publications since May 2020.
Hugh will outline the educational and developmental damage to children caused by the pandemic measures and give a teacher’s perspective of life in school during the last two years. He will discuss whether the restrictions were necessary and whether the official data supports the use of mask wearing, lockdowns and quarantines. The presentation is designed to facilitate a debate as to whether the benefits of the measures outweighed the harms. In the final section, he will discuss possible mitigations and what alternatives to the current arrangements might look like, and what parents can do to support their children if faced with the same situation again.

Chavon Ford, (MSc Clinical Herbal Medicine, Doula, Student Midwife) USA, Tanzania

Masters graduate from Maryland University of Integrative Health, Founder of Fords Herbal Medicine Academy, CEO of Fords Herbal Wellness Centre, branches in America, and Tanzania.

Teaches herbal medicine and product making to an international audience, offers clinical herbal consultations, and formulates 100 per cent all-natural herbal and wellness products.

She will discuss herbs, lifestyle, and dietary changes that are useful for women’s reproductive health issues such as dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), fibroids, and endometriosis.

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